Marie Todd Preview Event

It’s safe to say that if I’m at home, there is at least one candle burning at all times. I love everything about them, the flame, the fragrance, the flicker of light. My name is Lindsey and I am a candle-o-holic. There, I said it.

Enter designer Lisa Marie Todd who I meet in a poolside cabana on the rooftop of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. I know, fancy right? Her aquamarine eyes instantly captivate me. They are the Mediterranean Sea personified. Seriously, they are that striking. Before I can make a fool of myself (maybe) introductions are made. Lisa has added 4 new signature scents to her ever-expanding line of candles, Marie Todd Collection and I am here to smell them, not gape at their maker.

Added to the lineup are Fresh Mint, Rose & Clove, Jasmine & Cedarwood and “there’s a Vetiver & Sandalwood that is a little more unisex, which I actually prefer myself, it’s one of my favorites”, says the designer. Also new to the collection is the larger 32oz option and her bright, cheery packaging “inspired by gemstones”. It’s so beautiful, in fact that I have decided to reimagine the box as a home for the straws on my bar.

What scent is Lisa Todd herself currently burning at home? “I’m into the Blue Agave & Cacao which is a fragrance I’ve had for a while because I’m an avid gardener and cook and I’m growing a ton of blue agaves in my backyard right now. I got rid of all my grass, I’m being conscious of the drought but I still need pretty things!” Amen to that!

For more masculine fragrances, look no further than Lisa’s men’s collection, M Todd. If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for fresh gift ideas for the opposite sex and these candles are just that. The line offers scents like leather, black pepper and tobacco leaf. With monikers like ‘The Bad Boy’, ‘The Adventurer’ and ‘The Artist’ there’s sure to be one for every kind of man in your life.

Oh and one more thing! I learned something new about diffusers from Lisa: flip your reeds every two weeks. The dry ends will soak up the oil and reinvigorate your scent!




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